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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fit all the components from the base game, Yeti and Teams into the base box?

Yes! Here is an instruction sheet to help you. Click here.



For items/supplies picked-up or received by cards, is there any penalty for players to pick them up?

No, players can simply travel across the tile, pick them up, equip, (adjust for weight/speed) and keep going.



Can I use MY “removal” action on another player?

No, players may only use that action on themselves.



How do I know if my character is protected by their ability?

On each Karma Card, below the cost, there is an icon showing what the card is targeting. Use this icon as a quick reference to know if your character is protected. (For example, if you tried targeting Vince with a negative Karma Card that would cause him to gain weight (and the weight icon is there) he would be immune. However, if you gave/took food and that food changed his weight he would not be immune.)



Is Connor protected by all Weather Die rolls?

No, Connor’s ability applies to all of HIS rolls, not other player’s. So if he rolled the blizzard he his protected, if another player did, he would not be protected.



How do I rotate a tile?

The easiest way to check the rotation of a tile: is one SIDE still where a previous side had been? Then it was properly rotated. It still has to abide by placement rules so it can’t go over another tile or connect long edge to short edge.



What happens if a player is over their tile/card hand size?

Any player may be over their hand size due to a Karma or Event Card, they simply do not draw cards/tiles until they are under their hand size.



What happens if there is another player on my tile when I draw the “contagious” event?

The card text states: “No one can enter a tile that you occupy, and vice versa.” So it’s fine because the other player isn’t ENTERING the tile. Although as soon as they are separated they can no longer share a tile with the contagious player.



Can weight be higher/lower than a character’s max/min?

Weight cannot be higher than a player’s max, if they do, they immediately have to drop something (Item, Oxygen, Food) to bring their weight down. Weight cannot be lower than ZERO, it’s starting value.



Can movement be doubled twice?

No, movement can only be “doubled” once per turn.



How do Sherpas resupply at base camp?

For EACH “resupply” a player would like to preform, they must skip their movement. So to resupply themselves AND 2 Sherpas in a solo game, a player would need to spend 3 turns skipping their movement, resupplying and resolving the dice.



How can I make the game easier?

Decrease the difficulty from Legendary-Reckless-Risky-Trying-Chill as needed. Add any/all “Sunny Days” cards. Remove all “Double Black Diamond” cards. Choose your starting items. Use an extra Sherpa. Or just climb to the Summit.



How can I make the game harder?

Increase the difficulty setting from Chill-Trying-Risky-Reckless-Legendary as needed. Remove any “Sunny Days” cards. Include any/all “Double Black Diamond” cards for your game mode. Remove any/all items from the game. Climb unassisted – meaning with no Sherpa. Add the Yeti expansion.



Stay Tuned

With another game design nearing completion, and more in the works, we look forward to growing and provided you with countless hours of fun, spending time with those that matter!